Precision Power Electric is unique we are Qualifying Master Electrician

Maybe it's not that important to some contractors, 75% is still a passing grade, to us it is - from section 8 housing to 8 million dollar house our quality is the same - 100% perfect every time. This same Master Electrician is actively involved in and supervises all installations, insuring that your project not only passes inspection, but is commended for its quality and safety - our #1 goal. Every electrical contractor has a qualifying master electrician, but have you ever seen him? Does he have any idea whats going on with your project? Has he even seen it, or know that you're his customer. Here at Precision Power he actually has a name, and a phone, and you can actually call him directly and get the correct answers. Many contractors profit big from "renting" a license from a retired master electrician, even a little money isn't bad for not doing anything.

Precision Power Electricians NEVER cheat.

It's easy to lower construction cost when you know the construction business, Precision Power doesn't let its customers down. We care!