Safe wiring methods shouldn't be an "upgrade or option" when having your new home built. With many ways to cheat and cut corners in the construction business, Precision Power Electric believes in selling only the highest quality workmanship and backs it up with the best warranty in the industry. If your new home is wired by Precision Power, it comes with 5 years on everything (except light bulbs), and 30 years on the wiring system, splices, and terminations (our workmanship). We take great pride in setting the standard for safe and high quality electrical installations.

Precision Power Panel Installation:

All wiring is neat, straight, and identifiable.
All terminations are done correctly, with no
extra copper exposed, and tightened to correct

Precision Power Main Service Installation:

All new home services are 200 Amp capable.
Meter box is anchored with heavy-duty anchors.
Pipe riser is made of Rigid Metallic Conduit.
No Service Entrance Cable is exposed.
All service wires are in pipe.

Precision Power Device Installation:

Wires are not "stabbed" into the back of the device.
Power does not flow in and out of the device.
Connections are tight and wired correctly.
All grounds are tightly twisted and crimped.
Wires are carefully folded into box, instead of
being stuffed and crammed in.

Precision Power Wiring Methods:

All cables are installed straight, neat, and safe,
with quality workmanship set as our goal.
For added protection, all staples are insulated.